Sonema Tourism.


General Terms and Conditions of the Supplier of tours and other tourist services (referred company)
Within the scope of an intermediary service, Sonema shall provide the visitors and Suppliers of tours or tourist services with this booking Platform. Furthermore, Sonema shall also provide this booking Platform to certain cooperating partners (sub-agent/ distribution partner) for the booking of the Supplier’s tourist services. The use of this Platform by sub-agents or distribution partner requires a separate contractual agreement and is not permitted without the prior written authorization of Sonema

Contracts for tourist services are to be concluded directly between the users of this booking Platform and the Suppliers of tours or other tourist services. If users book services via a linked partner Platform or if a sub-intermediary makes a booking on behalf of a user of a connected partner Platform, a corresponding contract shall be concluded directly between this user and the Supplier
Sonema is not a contract party with regards to the tourist services offered on this booking Platform.



The undersigned / the company ………., Tax Code / VAT number …………, with registered office in ………, E-mail …….., pec ……, IBAN …………


La Sonema by Alessandra Passarello, VAT number 05727650870, based in Aci Castello (CT), via Firenze n. 10, in the person of the owner Alessandra Passarello, CF PSSLSN80E59A494U, born in Augusta (SR), on 05/19/1980, resident in Aci Castello (CT), via Firenze n. 10,


Property, located in ——-, via ……., “cadastral code” …., “section” …., “sheet” ….., “number” ….., “subordinate” ….., “cadastral category” ……, “property value ……., sqm ……, of premises no .. …., appliances …… household equipment 4 sets of keys (of which 2 with the key to the mailbox), set of pots for at least 4 people, glasses for at least 4 people, Cutlery for at least 4 people, dishes for at least 4 people, pillows equal to the number of beds, duvets equal to the number of beds, coffee maker / coffee machine, kettle, vacuum cleaner, mop, washing machine, first aid kit, fire extinguisher


This agreement will run from the day ….. and will last one year except as provided in the particular conditions of the contract referred to in points n. 2); 8).


The customer determines the consideration for the lease in € ….. the customer determines the consideration for the lease in the range min ….. max …. the customer determines the consideration for the lease entrusted to Sonema


Basic Services

the Basic service includes:
    • the simple booking on the site
    • online intermediation activities;


  • Sonema and the Client are bound by the mandate rules better regulated in the attached particular contract conditions;
  • the particular conditions of the contract are integrated with the general conditions of the contract to be understood as a single shop
  • joining the service provides only for the chosen service;
  • joining the service is alternative and cumulative only in the case of choosing several services;
  • in the event of membership of more than one service, the consideration is constituted by the sum of the selected services;
  • Any activity not expressly indicated in the previous sections must be considered excluded
  • Any additional or different activity with respect to the Entrusted Services must be the subject of an autonomous and separate written agreement between the Parties, to be considered binding for Sonema only following express acceptance in writing by the latter.