Sleeping in a lighthouse the most suggestive places where live this experience


The most suggestive places where  live this experience

Sleeping in a Lighthouse could be fascinating because they are commonly considered poetic and timeless places, full of peace and where you can have the feeling of being lulled by the song of the sea waves.

Living the experience of sleeping at least one night in a lighthouse watching the boats go by is a dream come true!

Formerly guardians and keepers of the coast and ships, today many abandoned lighthouses all over the world have become unusual accommodation facilities, b&bs, luxury suites or hotel boutiques,

sometimes furnished in a refined and unusual way.

From the coasts of Ireland and the United Kingdom to France to Sardinia to the island of Giglio, up to Holland and Croatia, we suggest the best lighthouses where it is really worth living this experience.

In many of these countries, such as Scotland, Ireland, or France, it is not difficult to imagine, given the particular conformity of the coasts of their territories, this magical and idyllic setting.

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that the pioneers of this unusual form of hospitality and a new way of experiencing tourism are found on the Adriatic Sea.


sleep into a lighthouse
sleep into a lighthouse




Capo Spartivento lighthouse, Chia – Sardinia


This lighthouse is located in the south-western part of Sardinia and is exactly located in the beautiful beach of Cala Ferraglione and 600 meters from the beach of Cala Cipolla.

 It offers a free shuttle service to the beach

Totally renovated, it offers a breathtaking view of the crystalline sea of ​​Sardinia!

The Capo Spartivento lighthouse has two outdoor swimming pools, a restaurant and an underground cinema:

and one of its strengths is the unrivaled 5-star Sardinian cuisine!



Faro Capo Spartivento
Faro Capo Spartivento


Punta Fenaio Lighthouse Resort, Giglio Island – Tuscany


We can consider it a small jewel of the Isola del Giglio in Tuscany, which offers a particular view due to the passage of dolphins and seagulls.

This lighthouse, renovated down to the smallest detail, is a real Resort,

offers a restaurant and a bar: you can therefore enjoy a drink facing the sea on its magnificent terrace!

It also offers the opportunity to practice activities such as snorkeling and cycling


Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia  – Salina (Aeolian Islands)


We recommend Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia in salina in the Aeolian islands if your itinerary includes a tour of Sicily.

Together with the discovery of the flavors and places uncontaminated by the time of the Mediterranean, in particular Stromboli and Panarea,

you will have the opportunity to experience a direct relationship with the free and wild nature of these lands.

This property surrounded by vineyards includes 26 rooms and suites.

In addition to being able to use an outdoor swimming pool, you can indulge in activities such as messages, yoga, pilates or typical Sicilian cooking classes.




Lighthouse Porer – Croatia


It is a secluded lighthouse located on an islet of the same name near Pula, built in 1833 and south-west of the southern promontory of Istria. The building is entirely in stone and there are two apartments.

Totally isolated, it allows a romantic escape away from the chaos of big cities.

The boat transfer to and from the islet is organized from Meduli by skipper Siniša Milutinović and for this service there is a supplement of 100 euros.

This islet is so small that it only takes 1 minute to walk around it. We recommend staying overnight in this lighthouse for the beauty of its extraordinary bays

and also keep in mind that the sunsets on porer are undoubtedly the most beautiful in the Adriatic Sea. Look at Sonema accommodations !



lighthouse croatia porer
lighthouse croatia porer



Lighthouse Savudrija- Croatia


With its 200 years it is by far the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic Sea.

Its fame is linked to a legend according to which the lighthouse was built by Count Meternich after he fell in love with a beautiful and noble Croatian lady at a ball in Vienna.

But fate would have it that they could never live in this place as the lady died the day the lighthouse was completed so that the count never went there.

The lighthouse which is located on the border with Slovenia and near Trieste has 4 apartments and has a view on a fabulous stony beach.


Le Phare de Kerbel – France

Le Phare de Kerbel, in the Port-Louis area with its 25 meters high dominates the view of the Breton coast and the bay of Lorient and Quiberon.

It has a private swimming pool and is suitable for up to 8 people, is structured on two floors :

a studio on top of the lighthouse can host up to 2 people , keeper’s house (for max  4 people)

called the Oil Room (the former oil storage room turned into a bedroom) up to 2 people.

Moreover, it has  a veranda and a sauna.




phare de kerbel
phare de kerbel





Lighthouse Harlingen – Netherlands 


This lighthouse, which has now become an exclusive hotel, is located on the Wadden Sea

It has a single suite on three levels: the bedroom allows, thanks to a glass wall, to enjoy an incredible panoramic view.

Where the lighthouse lantern  once stood, today there is a small table where the hotel staff will serve you an excellent breakfast.




Kråkenes Lighthouse is located in the municipality of Kinn in the Nordfjord in Vestland County. Completely surrounded by the sea it is located on the west coast of Norway and south of Bergen.

Due to its suggestive location, the lighthouse is suitable as a base for tours to discover the fjord.

Rent a room in this unique accommodation will allow you to be a protagonist in a  place where nature has its most impetuous impact in Norway.

You will breathe the smell of salt in the air and you will have the ocean waves on you


Clare Island Lighthouse Ireland


It is undoubtedly one of the most surreal and wild locations!

Clare Island Lighthouse is located on a small island in the west of Ireland.

This boutique hotel is characterized by the fact that small cottages have been built around the lighthouse.

You can have  a relaxing holiday exploring the wild nature of the surroundings and go cycling or horseback riding.



clare island lighthouse
clare island lighthouse



Corsewall Lighthouse Hotel Scotland


It is one of the few lighthouses still in operation.

With its luxurious suites it is the most exclusive hotel in Scotland exactly in Kirkcolm, 14 km from Stranraer.

The hotel has a restaurant. The building is fantastic, with great character and as bizarre as a refurbished lighthouse can be. The location is just great,

Book a room here and enjoy your cup of tea while gazing at the rushing sea of ​​these coasts!


The Link, Cromer – England


Located in North Folk County. This lighthouse is a semi-detached cottage and is set in a vibrant tourist setting just minutes from Cromer.

The property can accommodate two people, has an enclosed garden overlooking the ocean and offers exclusive awakenings with a sea view.

Here you can easily rent a boat or a bike or indulge in a day of rowing, canoeing or kayaking.

We also recommend trying a crab dinner, a specialty of this area


corsewall lighthouse scotland
corsewall lighthouse scotland




Belle Tout – England


It’s the one place in the world and one of the best known lighthouses because of  “Agent 007 – danger zone”movie .

It is a luxury B&B. It is located in Seven Sisters in one of the most charming  parts of the English coast about two hours from London.

If you are planning to take a road trip to England , we recommend  you dedicate a stop to this place.

Despite being very small, inside there are 6 rooms on three floors,

each one more beautiful than the other, all furnished in a refined marine style.

From the lighthouse lamp, converted into a living room, you can have a wonderful view of the English cliffs


El Far Hotel, Llafranc – Spain


A delightful boutique hotel located in Costa Brava, with an unbeatable uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean.

Equipped with a restaurant overlooking the sea.

It has 9 rooms each overlooking the sea or the garden.

If you want to stay here at least one night we recommend the “Vinum mare” package which includes:

overnight stay with breakfast included, dinner , wellness center and visit to the “Mas Oller DO Empordà” Winery

So sleeping in a lighthouse today is a dream you can easily realize and for sure an incredible experience to live.

You can book your weekend of pure relaxation on Sonema





el far out.jpg
el far out.jpg


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