Why Naples should be your next holiday destination in 2022 ?

Naples city 2022

Naples is among the 22 best tourist destinations of 2022.
The city of Sofia Loren, home of the pizza and the cribs of San Gregorio Armeno is the only Italian city in classic this year.
According to the American newspaper Cnn travel, Naples city 2022 is a rapidly expanding city that is rediscovering a new and overwhelming vitality and energy.
In particular, the neighborhoods previously considered off limits for tourists will soon be open to the public, involving more and more passionate visitors.
Naples with its magical mix of folklore,  and modernity is able to envelop you in its streets .

Because will give you unforgettable smells and experiences.
From the Spanish neighborhoods to the elegant via Toledo, to the local markets of Pignasecca and Antignano in the heart of Vomero.

From via dei Tribunali it will be pleasant to get lost in the historic center of Naples declared a Unesco heritage.

Walking  the Spaccanapoli

Visit the Spaccanapoli, which cuts the ancient city from the Spanish quarter to Forcella

Here there are not only the ancient palaces, the churches, but also the legends and the unmistakable smells of neapolitan cuisine.

San Gregorio Armeno Napoli
San Gregorio Armeno Napoli

There is no place in the city that can better tell you about the soul of Naples
Along this route you will find small hotels and bed and breakfasts that allow tourists to experience Naples just like a local!
Sonema offers a wide selection of holiday accommodation in the heart of Naples
So do not end your trip to this city without tasting the many specialties of Neapolitan street food.

Perhaps a sfogliatella or a baba or perhaps a fried pizza.



The real Neapolitan pizza

It is unthinkable not to eat a pizza in the city where this exceptional delicacy, famous all over the world, was born.
We advise you to taste it at “Sorbillo“, perhaps the most famous and loved pizzeria by Neapolitans.
You will have to be patient because the queue to enter will probably be a bit long, but it will be worth the wait!


Pizzeria Sorbillo Napoli
Pizzeria Sorbillo Napoli


So in your itinerary in Naples, mark stops in Piazza del Plebiscito, at Maschio Angiolino or Castel Nuovo.
And finally underground Naples and plan an excursion on Vesuvius with expert guides.
Vesuvius is located within the Vesuvius National Park which currently hosts 11 itineraries .


The most popular excursion among those who want to visit Vesuvius is the itinerary on you’ll admire the crater of the volcano.

And, therefore, to reach the Great Cone of Vesuvius.
Naples has so much to offer and our hosts will be able to lead you through this wonderful city .

Wisely and offering you unique views through which to look at this city with new eyes.
Be inspired by our experiences in Naples:



Napoli vista Vesuvio
Napoli vista Vesuvio

What to see around Naples

Starting from Naples it is possible to take several trips outside the city without  to rent a car.
Among the places not to be missed, the island of Capri must certainly be mentioned.
Capri with its stacks, its blue grotto and its streets full of chic shops and restaurants .

Here you can enjoy a plate of spaghetti with clams should be visited at least once in a lifetime!
To reach Capri you can take a hydrofoil from Molo Beverello in Naples.
Other musts are undoubtedly Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Procida.
Breathtaking landscapes and indescribable beauty in words.

Read  for our travel tips on the Amalfi Coast 


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