Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Malta

Surrounded by the beautiful and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily, the city of Malta has a very special and important heritage. In terms of proximity to Tunisia, the influence of North Africa is strong. Maltese is a hybrid mix between Arabic and Italian. The city is well known for the pride of the Knights of Malta who fought against the Knights of Turkey and started the Crusades. 

This beautiful city has a rich history and offers the tourists a wonderful time throughout the year. You can easily spot small hilltop towns, wonderful seaports, and old fishing villages all around Malta. It seems that the place has been brought right out of the text books. If you are planning to visit Malta, then we have got you covered. Here are the tourist destinations in Malta where you should visit right away.

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Valletta – A strategically important port, Valletta is the proud capital of the Republic of Malta. The whole city witnessed the greatness of the Knights of Malta, European nobles who received the island of Malta from the Spanish king in 1530. The Knights Templar built a capital suitable for aristocratic status compared to other great European capitals. Valletta’s regular grids and squares show the rational city planning of the 16th-century Knights. Tourists can easily explore this small town adjacent to the two ports of Grand Paul and Porto de Marsamet. In the heart of the city is the Basilica of San Giovanni, a 16th-century church that received various orders from the knights of countries such as France, Spain and Italy. You will be delighted by the luxurious interior paired with beautiful furnishings.

Gozo – Gozo is a wonderful destination on the island of Malta. With peaceful villages and pristine beaches, this small island is an ideal place to relax for a few days or a week. Although Gozo is not as developed as Malta, it has many cultural attractions. Some of the towns you should visit here include – Victoria which is a fortified medieval city, and the lively seaside town of Marcelford. The most important archaeological site on the island of Malta is the Temple of Gogantia, which dates back to 3500 BC. approximately. There are also traditional villages on the hills surrounded by valleys. Gozo is just a short ferry away from Circeva on the island of Malta.

Medina – this alluring medieval hilltop town is a UNESCO World Heritage and historic site. Tourists have to go through an interesting main gate to enter the city and feel they have gone back in time. Between the huge city fences, the old fence is a wonderful world of pedestrian zones and beautiful old stones. The main building of Medina is the beautiful Baroque St. Paul’s Cathedral, designed by the Maltese architect Lorenzo Gaffa. This ornate altar features impressive domes, marble columns, gilded details, and beautiful ceiling paintings. The cathedral contains a precious 12th-century icon of the Virgin Mary and a famous artwork by the famous Maltese painter Mattia Perti.

Rabat – Outside the walls of the neighboring city of Media, is the town of Rabat. Tourists can see both cities in one day. Medina and Rabat are sometimes considered integrated urban areas. In Maltese, “Rabat” means “suburb”. Rabat is visited by fewer tourists and is more modern than Medina, but it has some notable historic sites. A hidden gem is the Casa Bernard, a magnificent 16th-century home owned by a noble Maltese family of French descent. The Casa Bernard is still a private residence, but is open to the public year-round. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as strolling through the beautiful city scenery and visiting museums. The town is also known for its great cafes and restaurants, perfect for a long day out. Keep this in your bucket list!

Tarxien Temples – This historic temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Malta’s largest and most famous prehistoric site and consists of four stone structures. Excavated in 1914, the site covers an area of ​​5,400 square meters and represents the achievements of Malta’s prehistoric culture during the “Temple Age” of 3600 BC. The stone carvings and sculptures available here are locally made and were created out of the exquisite replicas. The original versions are on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Valletta. The stone walls of the surrounding four temples are beautifully decorated with intricate spiral patterns and animal shapes of all sizes. For anyone who wants to explore the old history and lost glory of a region, this the best place where they can head out in Malta.

Blue Lagoon – The Blue Lagoon is a fascinating destination surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. This large lake looks like a huge swimming pool due to its calm, waveless water. Its surface is safe enough for children. The lake can be crossed by a boat. The length of the lake corresponds to the length of several Olympic swimming pools. If you are a good swimmer, you can cross the small beach. There is a small beach on the shores of the lake where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds to relax. Another option is to sunbathe on the rocky slopes above the fire. Either way, tourists can count on the drinks prepared around the coastline and have the fun of their life with their family or friends.

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Blue Grotto – Beautiful coastal scenery offers an exciting introduction to this mesmerizing nature reserve in Malta. Breathtaking sea views and limestone caves are images of pure serenity here. The water glows a clear blue in the sunlight that falls on it. Legend has it that Blue Grotto was home to a marine siren that magically fascinated sailors. Tourists can take a guided boat tour with the Luzas, one of Malta’s brightly colored fishing boats. When the sea is calm, ships often sail all year round. The village of Wied iz-Zurrieq (just 1 km from Blue Grotto) has several souvenir shops, ice cream parlors, cafes and clifftop restaurants with great views. You can definitely shop for some souvenirs for your loved ones back at home. Try out the local Italian cuisine as well.

Dingli Rocks – If you want a great view of the coast, you have to take a short bus ride from Blue Grotto to Videz-Zuriak and Dingli Rocks. The charm (and downside) of this site is that it is remote. The 250-meter-high Dingli Cliffs drop dramatically into the Mediterranean Sea, and the steep slopes of the terrain make it fertile for small farms. The main attraction of Dingli Rocks is the views that offer breathtaking views of the sea. Aside from a short stroll, at the top of Dinley Rocks, there is only a small chapel dedicated to Saint-Marie Madeleine (not open to the public). This cajole chapel has stood on its grounds for several years and is considered as a very holy site here.

Malta is definitely a fantastic place where you can plan your vacation in the upcoming days. There are several destinations in and around the place where you can spend your time roaming around the beautiful coastline. Or you can choose to witness the historical monuments that are here in this tropical island.

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