Perfume creation workshop

France, Paris

Traditional experience hosted by CandoraParis

14:30 UTC
2 hours
Upto 18 guests
Hosted in English, French

What you'll do?

Enjoy Candora Perfume creation workshop

Embark for 2 hours on an olfactive journey to make your own perfume, within a small group of around 10 people with whom it will be interesting to exchange

on olfactive preferences which are so influenced by cultural and personal experiences.

What to expect from the Perfume creation workshop :

The workshop takes place in Paris

During the first part of the workshop, you will learn about the fascinating world of perfumes:

their History, the secrets of their making, and the mysteries of olfaction.

You will also start to entice your nose with new scents and challenge your brain to recognize familiar smells.

The second part is more “hands-on” – or “nose-on”.

You will make your own perfume selecting your preferences and with the help of our perfume expert,

You assess your creation and have a chance to modify the balance after testing it on your skin.

Finally, you will fill the bottle you will proudly leave with. Your very own perfume, as unique as you are!


Please note :

The workshop is IN ENGLISH, EXCEPT ON FRIDAY AT 5:00pm & SATURDAY AT 5:30 pm which are IN FRENCH.
This workshop can also be done in Spanish when privatized for your group.

For 2 hours, we will lead you on an imaginative and inspiring journey during which you will discover the fascinating world of perfumes, from their history to the secrets of their making.

You will then be creating your personalized fragrance by combining two or three of our fragrances and you will leave with a bottle of your customized blend.
A 15ml travel size bottle is included in this package, with different options available at the shop : a larger bottle, making an other creation, engraving your bottle…
You will register your formula at the end of the workshop, so that you can reorder your fragrance in the future.
This activity is equally entertaining for both men and women, from 10 to 99 years old ! Have a look at the comments of previous participants to get an idea of the experience.
Duration can vary a little depending on how fast you are with your creation, the number of participants and… how many questions you have !

CandoraParis's commitment to safety

This host committed to Sonema COVID-19-related safety and cleaning guidelines—including adhering to social distancing guidelines, practicing good hygiene, and ensuring that all participants wear a mask.