Palinka Experience Budapest: Museum Guidance and Spirit Tasting

Hungary, Budapest

Traditional experience hosted by Hungaria Koncert

18:00 UTC
45 minutes
Upto 10 guests
Hosted in English

What you'll do?

Taste Hungary’s famous Palinka while attending an interactive and interesting exhibition about the history of Palinka in Hungary and around the world!

The Museum is in the heart of Budapest, and its mission is to make Palinka (hungarian spirit drink) familiar to everyone worldwide. Throughout the experience, you will have the chance to see the exhibition with live guiding and have an exclusive tasting where you can taste the best palinkas of the country. During the tasting professionals will present interesting facts as well as the right tasting ways to you, in an exclusive ambiance.

Hungaria Koncert's commitment to safety

This host committed to Sonema COVID-19-related safety and cleaning guidelines—including adhering to social distancing guidelines, practicing good hygiene, and ensuring that all participants wear a mask.