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Being a traveler is a philosophy of life, a way of being, it is something that is part of our DNA.

It is not collecting passport stamps or being able to list all the borders crossed and it has nothing to do with visiting as many places as possible.

It doesn’t matter how many countries you have visited but how you have experienced them:

being able to grasp the true spirit and essence of a city, the uses, and customs of a place, perceive its secrets, flavors, smells, and be able to feel them as their own.

Being able to feel richer once you have completed the experience and returned home.

So unplug the navigator! Wanderlust travelers don’t need it!


travel wanderlust lifestyle
travel wanderlust lifestyle


To do this you must be able to abandon the schemes and have that freedom of spirit that allows you to abandon the compass and maps

and get lost in the alleys and streets of a city, aimlessly and without limits.

Being a true traveler is a way of being and always is, even when returning from a trip.

A traveler is a person with a restless soul, who is thirsty for knowledge.

He is a person who manages to look beyond the comfort of the flight, to the quality of the hotel, the climate, the itinerary to perhaps find himself sleeping under the stars in a tent in Africa

not to lose the thrill of a fiery red dawn in the Savannah or get lost in the heat of bad roads in the Umbrian countryside.

Travelers have the ability to notice details, to be able to notice those little things that other people don’t normally notice.

We wander around the world to find ourselves and because we feel citizens of the world and not of just one country.

Traveling is a “bath of humility” because it helps us to understand that the world is big and how small the place we occupy in the world actually is.


Wanderlust Syndrome



wonderlust traveller
Wonderlust traveller


And at the same time to have respect for cultures other than ours and want to know them.

Travel allows us to explore dreams, desires, memories and ambitions! It is something that we can define as ancestral, atavistic 

If you who are reading also reflect yourself in what you are reading, maybe you suffer from “Wanderlust” Syndrome

This need cannot be satisfied simply by booking a cruise in the Mediterranean or by staying in the best hotel in New York thanks !

This is what a tourist would do and you may be thinking that it is not for you!

Perfect travelers are adventurous and courageous explorers

and do not settle for something already served on a plate!

Whether you are a digital nomad or simply a dreamer looking for chimeras

this urge or impulse will bring you every day to fill your eyes with new experiences, live new dreams.

Staying still in the same place arouses intolerance and can make you feel that “Saudade” a lot dear to the Portuguese

that is, a deep emotional state of nostalgia or deep melancholy desire for something that is loved and that is not attainable.


Travel by train 



viaggio treni panoramici glacier express scaled e1619113068822
Travel by train –  panoramici glacier express


What better way to fully experience this experience than by train?

Therefore move frequently by traveling by train lightly without too much luggage, protecting the environment as much as possible

This way of traveling allows you to make multiple stops before reaching your destination.

You’ll also have more free time because while you look out of the window, you can think about what activities to do

or what you most want to see once you have reached your destination.

Or you can just read a book or browse the internet.

To imagine the show, just think of the fantastic routes of the Orient Express!

Traveling by train allows you to admire so different  landscapes from your window

and to be the protagonist of your adventure, in a slow way, far from the frenetic pace of modernity.

The train stations unlike the airports are very central and you can easily move around without the need to rent a car or take a taxi.



Orient Express
Orient Express



Traveling by train is a “journey within a journey” which gives you the opportunity on its wagons to skirt coasts,

cross mountains and enter the heart of the cities and has a completely romantic charm!

If you have never tried it, you absolutely must give yourself this experience !

This will change  your  travel way forever.



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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x