Tips for your trip to the”land of fire and ice”


2022 is the right year to be inspired by the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of the places in Iceland to discover Northern Lights  Iceland .

Iceland, or “land of ice” is a very hot country and  there are as many as 130 volcanoes.
Take a trip away from the chaos of large cities and in close contact with nature is an excellent idea!

This will allow you to forget stress and feel regenerated.
Iceland is not only synonymous with Northern Lights, blue lagoons and adventurous ice cave excursions.
But it also means indulging in unforgettable experiences and self-drive trips, for example exploring the “Golden Circle”

and the craters of volcanoes such as Thrihnukagigur, a dormant volcano and one of Iceland’s main tourist attractions.
Or Hekla, also known as “the gate of hell”.
Hverfell, is one of the most evocative and oldest volcanoes. Once climbed will give you unforgettable views if you are a photography lover

and which absolutely deserves to be a stop on your trip.




One of the best ways to fully experience a trip to Iceland is “on the road” .

Which allows you, starting from Reykjavik, to cross this beautiful area by car,

being able to discover some details that an organized trip does not allow you to do.
Iceland is also one of the best countries where you can observe the Northern Lights, one of the most incredible experiences you should have in your life.
Before booking your flight remember to choose your seat by the window!

If you’re lucky, you may already see the Northern Lights in the sky before landing at Reykjavik Airport.
It is possible to witness the magic of “Northern Lights” also from Reykjavik, but without a doubt it would be better
being able to enjoy this spectacle away from pollution from the lights of the city and preferably perhaps from its surroundings perhaps from “Seltjarnarnes and the Grótta lighthouse”

easily reachable with a 30-minute walk: Here the extraordinary view of the ocean and the poetry of the lighthouse make this unique show.



Iceland is a place that offers other wonderful surprises!
Just think of the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon, a glacial lagoon with transparent icebergs on black sand.
Another stop on your journey, from where you can attend one of the best “Northern Lights” shows, can only be “Reynisfjara”, ie the black sand beach.

This place vaguely recalls the Giant’s Causeway of Northern Ireland. A legend has it that the ocean stacks present on this black beach were once trolls

who tried to guide a ship to the shore but which with the arrival of dawn turned into rock.





Do not end your trip without going to the “Skogafoss waterfall” on the Skógá River. Or without making a visit to the “Blue Lagoon” the most famous thermal spring in Iceland

which annually attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world.
Known for its constant temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit and vibrant blue color it is also one of the perfect places to regenerate and watch the Northern Lights.

You could also opt for the “Secret Lagoon” a less crowded hot spring.
If you are visiting Iceland for the first time we recommend that you book a tour on Sonema with one of our experienced experience hosts,

so that he can guide you through all the stops without missing out on any of this incredible adventure.
Igloo and ice hotel.

Unlike Lapland or Finland, today in Iceland there are no real ice igloos however you will find chalets or particular hotels

with large windows from which you can observe the Northern Lights perhaps from your bed or from the Jacuzzi.
It is a particular type of accommodation which is called “Glamping Glamor” and which is made up of luxurious tents similar to ice igloos.
In Iceland, however, you will not find Ice hotels as some areas of this country are perpetually covered with snow and therefore inaccessible

and in order to build an ice hotel you need a considerable amount of ice water from nearby waterways.

Check out our selection of holiday accommodation on Sonema and book your flight

northern lights iceland
northern lights iceland



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Would love your thoughts, please comment.x