Best Places You Can Visit This New Year 2022

Europe is a great place to spend your holidays. From the charjner Christmas markets, to world-famous food, and then after Christmas, spending the New Year in Europe can provide you with a once in a lifetime experience. If you find the idea of ​​watching large fireworks, attending big celebrations, or embracing a new culture during the new year appealing, then Europe is the best place. Every European city turns into a hotbed of fun and excitement.

No matter wherever you are in Europe, you can easily enjoy a wonderful time with your family. There are an endless number of cities where you can visit in Europe. So, it can be rather confusing to select where to visit. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best places to spend the New Year 2022 in Europe.

Madrid – Few places take the New Year as seriously as Madrid. Whether you enjoy the festival from the deck of a ship or from the streets of this fascinating Portuguese city, Madrid is the perfect destination for you as every New Year’s plan is one. Madrid’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are one of the largest and most beautiful shows across Europe, with bright lights and loud crackling sounds creating a lively celebration that you can’t miss. Visit & book your tickets to visit Madrid right away.

Berlin – Don’t miss New Year’s Eve in Berlin, which hosts one of Europe’s biggest street parties. Every year before midnight on New Year’s Eve, thousands of people gather in the 2km city between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. Here you can find live bands, DJs, locals, and visitors who enjoy the spirit of celebrating the New Year! Of course, the New Year’s celebration would not be complete without fireworks. Berlin offers more than that. Admission to this event is completely free and you can take your family and friends to enjoy the entire night partying.

Barcelona – one of the most popular cities of Spain, Barcelona is packed with tourists during this time of the year. People from around the world visit this city to enjoy New Year’s Eve to experience the joyous vibe here. You’ll find several clubs and hotels hosting amazing parties that happen throughout the night. New Year parties in Spain are often termed as “cotillones de nochevieja”. You’ll be amazed to see how enthusiastic the people are all around. Even if you are visiting the place for the first time, you’ll be able to explore the city which comes alive during this particular time.

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Amsterdam – Much of Amsterdam’s charm lies in its narrow, winding roads. There seems to be something new and unique that you can discover and bend in every corner. That excitement can also be a pretty special New Year’s Eve. You’ll find instant street parties, organized events, and magical surprises almost everywhere you see. There are celebrations everywhere in the city! If you’re looking for an official Amsterdam fireworks display and party, you can find it on Java. It’s a beautiful peninsula overlooking the rest of the city. Many museums are open on New Year’s Day, so you can choose to spend some quiet time as well.

Rome – one of the most romantic places in Europe right after Paris, Rome celebrates New Year’s eve, unlike any other city. If you are there on the eve, you can enjoy the atmosphere of many free concerts, many venues hosting traditional New Year’s Eve dinners. There are fireworks displays and parties all over the city. Every pub and night clubs are open on New Year’s Day, and the city is beautifully illuminated, from shops and street decorations to the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, and other famous landmarks. Circus Maximus, Piazza Popolo, and the auditorium are just a few of the great places.

London – England’s capital, one of the most visited attractions in Europe and Her Majesty’s own city, London is probably the best place you can be in England during the New Year week. During this time it is surrounded by a very romantic and luxurious atmosphere. It will definitely make you feel more excited. You can do a lot of things here on New Year’s Eve. Renting a boat and going for a ride or clicking pictures in front of Big Ben are most popular among them. Don’t forget to visit the London Bridge before 12 AM to witness a world-class display of fireworks. Get hold of some confetti, party horns, and party hats to get going with the crowd.

Lisbon – On December 31st, as all European cities, Lisbon also dresses up to welcome the new year. Streets get overflowing with people singing, partying, dancing, and hanging out with friends awaiting midnight and the fireworks. The city’s largest ‘living room’, Terreiro de Paco, will provide you with lots of music, food, and drinks. If you prefer smaller groups of people, you can celebrate in many clubs and restaurants all across the town. But you may have to pay for entrance.

Malta – In the past, New Year’s celebrations in Malta were more informal events as a family and were often closely associated with food. This does not mean that food and family are no longer playing an important role. It is certainly so. The restaurant has been full of Maltese relatives for generations. There are just more options for seeing the New Year at once.

Milan – Italians like big fireworks, but unfortunately this has caused high levels of injury in the last few years. This means that the police have begun serious efforts to curb potential problems. Of course, this had a huge impact on the number of fireworks in the cityscape of Milan. Even the main event and the local council enacted a law on air pollution. It is done to artificially maintain the number of fires.

Naples – Choosing Naples on New Year’s Eve is a trial experience. On the night of December 31st, there are many opportunities in the city. The night begins with a big concert at Piazza del Plebiscito. This concert will lead to a countdown to midnight as the fireworks display travels along the coast of the Castel Dello Vo awaiting you.

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