Best Coastal Towns To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is one of those European countries which often go unnoticed as people compare it with other options like Greece, Spain and Italy. However this is a mistake that you should avoid. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries that you will never visit in this world. Period. This place is a real gem and it offers the tourists with a very warm hospitality and comfort. The Croatian coastline is attractive to a lot of tourists because of the beautiful coastal towns that are situated along the line.

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Whether you want to sit back and enjoy yourself with a cocktail or explore the rich history of these coastal towns, you can spend your holidays in your own way. With so many different towns situated along the coast, we have jotted down the most popular ones for you. Take a look at them in this blog.

Berla – When you ask locals where the best beaches in Croatia are, many people without hesitation recommend perilla. Berla is a municipality located 15 km northwest of Makarska. It is not very crowded in winter, but crowded with tourists in summer. Not many people know this but the famous beach of Berla Fontalata was voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2004. The symbol of Berla on the postcard is a pine-covered perilla stone. Just 20 minutes from Berla in the Biokovo Nature Park, it is the perfect place for a day trip with beautiful scenery. But make sure you have the right shoes, clothes, and the right equipment.

Primosten a small town with a population of only 3000, Primosten attracts more and more people every year due to its rich beauty and tourism. Rural tourism is very popular in Primosten. Many families are very interested in Dalmatian traditions and are happy to provide Dalmatian food, music, traditional instruments and pets. Don’t miss Dalmatapica, a delicious fried meat served with French fries. This is a must try when you are traveling in Croatia. In summer, a traditional folk festival is held weekly in the town’s central square, where you can experience Croatian traditions from different parts of Croatia. Young people especially love to visit Primoston for its nightlife with bubble parties and live concerts.

Basca – one of the most visited cities on the island of Krk, it is the largest island in Croatia. Whether you decide to spend the night at a cocktail party on the beach or listen to a live concert, entertainment is always at the gates here. Basca is also ideal for those who want to vacation on foot or by bike, and the routes are suitable for all amateurs and professionals. Vasca Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Croatia. You can make the most of your vacation by renting pedal boats, surfboards, umbrellas and sunbeds. Relax under the sun and make sure that your body rejuvenates.

Hvar – Hvar is one of Croatia’s most beautiful coastal towns, and the odd combination of Italian farmer and jet-set personality brings beauty and serenity. In the center of town is a cave with bright marble squares, shaded stone paths, ocher roofs, and steep steps that transform into medieval façades, and rugged cliffs retreat into the dusty summer mist. The Mediterranean is full of gentle vineyards and coastal promenades. Zigzags and hidden bays give the island a unique beauty. Not surprisingly, around 200,000 visitors visit the island of Hvar every year.

Omiš – this beautiful coastal town is located 30 km southeast of this charming city of Split. Omiš has a long history and cultural tradition, attracting more and more visitors every year. One of Omiš’s most iconic monuments is the Fortica and Mirabella, which offer stunning 360-degree views of the surroundings. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Omiš is that it is the perfect city for outdoor activities. Adrenaline lovers can enjoy taking part in different adventure activities like kayaking, zipline, boating, and even sailing.

Rovinj – this coastal town is located on the Istrian peninsula, Rovinj is one of the best places to visit in Croatia. It may not be one of the larger cities on this list, but its beauty can’t be defined in words. Rovinj’s old town has narrow cobbled streets and promenades along the harbour, where you can sample coffee and typical Croatian cuisine. One of Rovinj’s main attractions is the Church of St. Euphemia, which resembles the spire of Piazza San Marco in Venice. The boat is the ideal transport if you want to visit Brioni National Park. This small town will definitely help you feel relaxed and enjoy your vacation in peace and serenity.

Cavtat – For those who want to feel the atmosphere of Dubrovnik but aren’t too fond of the crowds or find the prices too high, Cavtat is the place for them! This charming city is located in southern Croatia, just 5 km from Dubrovnik Airport. The period between June to September is the best time to visit this town. The people celebrate different festivals during this time. There are stalls selling souvenirs, but in addition to the classic parade, there are traditional handmade Connolly costumes. Each dress is unique with a traditional dome-shaped belt and linen sleeves. If you are looking for original souvenirs, this is your best choice. 

Umag – Umag is another beautiful city on the Istrian Peninsula in the north of the Istrian Peninsula near the border with Slovenia. The Old Town is perhaps the most enjoyable part of Umag and is ideal for those who want to explore on their own without thinking about the rest of the time. Omar’s most famous attractions include the 10th-century walls, the Omar Museum with ancient Roman ships from the time of the Roman Empire, and the tales of ancient artisans. The place is oozing with history and you can get in touch with a local guide to learn more about the place easily.

Sorin – a small town in southern Dalmatia, Solin is known for its rich history, as it was once one of the most important Roman cities in the region under Emperor Diocletian. Visit Salona’s famous archaeological site and step back in time. Meanwhile, Sorin’s centerpiece is a true beauty. You can walk along the Jadro River, visit the Church of Santa Maria in Onzerivevloveiland or have a coffee along the river. There are several things you can do in this beautiful Croatian seaside town. There is also the famous Sorin legend that a sip of water from a fountain near the church will cure infertility. Don’t miss Klee’s Castle, which was featured in the Game of Thrones TV series.

Final Words – anyone who wants to come close to nature and at the same time learn more about human history, can definitely pay a visit to Croatia. The country is beautiful, packed with different cultures and rich in heritage. So, you won’t have the opportunity to experience a lot of things at the same place. If you are planning to visit Croatia, you can book your hotels at and get some amazing discounts on your bookings.

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