Best Christmas Markets in Europe 2021

Christmas is just a month away. People all over the world are really excited to end the year with a bang. Christmas is widely celebrated in every part of Europe. It is one of the best times when you can visit this continent. There is a very positive atmosphere all around. You will have a great deal of things to do. Also, you are going to have the best experience in Europe during Christmas.

From hiking the snow-capped peaks to sipping on hot chocolate in one of the European towns, you can do it all during this time. You may plan to visit Europe in the next few weeks or months. In that case, we have the best ideas for you. Let’s take a look at the top Christmas markets that you can visit during this time in Europe.

Germania Dresden

Germany is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. It has thousands of tourists flocking this beautiful country. But, the country has a completely different experience to offer when you are visiting it during Christmas. There are several places in Germany. There you can spend your holiday with all the fun and excitement.

We believe Dresden is definitely one of them. It is also known as the ‘German Florence’. Dresden is situated on the banks of Elbe River. It has been ranked as one of the best German cities. This is true for many years. When in Dresden, you should visit the Ferienwohnung Natur und Kunst. These are fantastic tourist destinations. There you can get very close to nature. Both the towns have mesmerizing views to offer. There there are brilliant hotels. There you can accommodate yourself. They are equipped with modern amenities like flat-screen TV, Blu-ray player, a modular kitchen, and so on.

10 Best Christmas Markets in Europe - Road Affair

All the units have a sitting and dining area where you can spend time eating your favorite German food. There are many physical activities which you can do here that include hiking, skiing or cycling. You can even relax the whole day outside in the garden and rejuvenate yourself to the beautiful views.

There are several attractions nearby like the Brühl’s Terrace, Frauenkirche Dresden, etc. Dresden Airport is just 10km away from these two locations, making it easily accessible. So, if you are looking for a great place to spend time with your family, then you can visit Germania Dresden during this Christmas.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, consists of three unified cities: Budapest and Óbuda on the west bank of the Donau River, and Pest on the east coast. Most of the city’s top attractions are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many visitors describe it as one of the most beautiful in Europe. The city successfully combines its fascinating history with a bright and peaceful contemporary art style.

From museums to hot springs, you can enjoy a variety of attractions, so there won’t be any dearth of finding them. Visiting Budapest in 2021 seems to be a wonderful idea as the city glitters with joy during this time. Visit Buda Castle and Castle Hill. You will witness the 18th-century Buda Castle. There you can learn about the rich history of Budapest. You’ll be able to see Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque style of architecture. It is in every nook and corner here. Other attractions that you can visit here include St. Stephen’s Basilica and Gellért Hill.


Next we have Italy on our list. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited attractions in the world. History, art, food, sacred places, culture, history, fascinating villages and breathtaking landscapes are everywhere in this beautiful country. It has the high Dolomites mountains in the north to the beaches of Puglia and the ancient temples of Sicily. Truly, Italy has a lot to offer. It ranges from magnificent nature and picturesque wonders to some of the best masterpieces of art and architecture the world has ever known. However, no matter where you choose, you will have several things to do here.

You can plan to visit the Dolomite mountains. Then it can really offer you a great experience. You can book your accommodation in Venas di Cadore by visiting this great website They are going to offer you a great stay which is not only aesthetic to look at but packed with all the necessary equipment and amenities you want.

Trentino Alto Adige

Another great place where you can have a wonderful time is the Trentino Alto Adige. Trentino Alto Adige is a region of northern Italy. It is adjacent to Switzerland and Austria. Famous for its medieval castles such as Tyrol, Roncolo and Dappiano.

The area includes parts of the Dolomites, part of the Italian Alps. It is known for its serrated limestone mountains. You can get very close to nature in this town. It has a lot to offer to the tourists. Also, you can visit the Parco Naturale Puez Odle, Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park, Parco Naturale Tre Cime and the Sass Pordoi.

Before making the itinerary to visit these attractions, make sure to book your stay in Trentino Alto Adige by visiting this website However, Casa Elena is a great place to accommodate yourself with your family. It has all the amenities you need to make yourself comfortable and enjoy a few days in the lap of nature with true excitement.


Austria is one of the leading destinations in the world. It is true when it comes to traveling to Europe. It is in a beautiful location in the middle of the green Alps and always has a great weather. Endless landscapes, lush greenery, beautiful operas and historic sites across the country make Austria a complete tourist destination, despite being one of Europe’s smallest countries. Home to Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert, and the birthplace of classical opera, every corner of the capital has its heritage and grandeur.

Moreover, you can stroll along the charming Ringstraße Boulevard. It is surrounded by beautiful parks and magnificent buildings. The Hofburg Imperial Palace is here. For some extraordinary architectural wonders, head to Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace, St. St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Kunsthistorisches Museum. Also, there are several walking tours that you can book to explore Vienna in the best manner. Visit this website to book your favorite tours at the best prices right now.

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