Best Activities To Participate in Dubai

No other city in the world has developed so rapidly like Dubai did in the last two decades. Over the years this fishing village has turned out to be one of the most important cities in the whole of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is now the heartbeat of UAE & it attracts millions of people every year for different purposes. It is the hub for fashion, business, e-commerce, architecture, and also tourism. Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world and people just love spending their precious time here. It is the city of skyscrapers, beaches, and ports. The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa stands right in the middle of this beautiful Arab city. But, you can also take part in a lot of adventure and thrilling outdoor activities in Dubai.

So, here are the top activities that we have shortlisted for you to do when you’re in Dubai. Take a look at the details of these activities.

  1. Flyboarding – Flyboarding or Hydroflying is one of the most adventurous sports in Dubai and you should try it at least once while traveling here. Enjoy the joy of flying in the air as you have been equipped with a hydraulic propulsion system that allows the driver to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dubai at a speed of 40 km/h. Flyboarding is one of Dubai’s most exciting and unique adventures, offering a unique and new experience. Winter is the best time to visit Dubai because the sun is comfortable. So you won’t get tired easily as you would have during the scorching heat of the summer months. Get in touch with one of the top agents and hire a Flyboard right away.
  1. Dune Bashing – another very popular outdoor activity that you can take part in is dune bashing. This activity is full of thrills and excitement because you need to drive the car through the huge mounds of sand dunes. This is a sport that is reserved only for the adults and the child should be at least 5 years of age before they are allowed to enter the car. The vehicle often used on this adventure is the Hummer H2, which can be used to tour the dunes in the early morning or in the evening.  

The morning session starts at 9:00 and lasts until noon. Evening classes start at 3pm and you have to arrive at the campsite by 4pm. Then you can go on dunes, camel safaris and also participate in sandboarding in the desert. You can also enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner, delicious Mandi along with high quality Arabic coffee and a beautiful desert sunset view.

Top 10 best activities in Dubai -

  1. Sand Boarding – this is a sport which is quite similar to our typical skateboarding except you have to do this on the sand. Sand boarding has become very popular in Dubai and people have even started to organise tournaments that host this sport. This is a fabulous experience to take part in because you are going to slide from one sand dune to the other and that will be really fun and exciting. The minimum age for sandboarding in Dubai is 13 years and any children below it won’t be allowed. There are many agencies who offer you with the gear you will need to wear while sand boarding.
  1. Skydiving – even though Skydiving is expensive and requires you to have a big amount of budget, it is a lifetime experience that you should try to take part in. It is undoubtedly the most thrilling adventure in Dubai since you will be jumping off from a plane at a height of 4000 m above the ground. From the stop you can easily get a bird’s eye view of the entire city and spot different landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab. You can choose to carry out the jump with or without a guide. But, if this is your first time skydiving in Dubai, then we will definitely recommend you to select a guide. This is one adventure that will surely send the chills down your spine & help you experience the most amazing moments of your life.
  1. Bungee Jumping – Bungee jumping is another very thrilling activity to take part in Dubai. A lot of people love doing bungee jumping because it helps them to feel excited or to overcome their fear of heights. If you’re afraid of jumping to such heights, you can make the jump with a family, friend, group, or professional known for helping people over the years. Even though the jump will be over in a few seconds, its effect will last you for the whole day since you won’t be able to get over the jump so easily. You’ll always remember it.
  1. Shark Diving – There is nothing more adventurous and exciting than being surrounded by 33,000 marine species along with the ferocious sharks. The Dubai Mall attracts the attention of all adventurers as it has an aquarium where diving among sharks and other species takes place. If you are over 10 years old, you can try shark diving. Do not worry. Sharks are friendly and completely safe. Diving with sharks is one of Dubai’s most exciting adventures you can participate in. You will be put into a metal cage along with your family and one marine expert for safety. Once you are in the cage, it will be dropped into the water and you’ll be on your own then.
  1. Hot Air Balloon – in Dubai, the Hot air balloon activity is one of Dubai’s most exciting and quirky adventures. Enjoy the views from the tops of the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Arabian Gulf. Try it in the morning to see the morning sun and feel the fresh morning air on your face. A hot air balloon ride is one of Dubai’s most amazing adventures that can help you witness the amazing sunset you have ever seen in your life before. Make sure to carry your camera and click some amazing photos of the mesmerizing landscape from up there.
  1. Dubai Seaplane Flight – take a seat in one of the seal planes in Dubai for panoramic views of Dubai’s most famous buildings such as the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf. It sails between 45 minutes and an hour and flies across the sea and countryside. Relax as this Dubai adventure promises to surprise you with breathtaking views. If you love flying, then this activity will definitely bring a smile to your face for sure.
  1. Snorkeling – Another adventure to try in Dubai is snorkeling. Embark on an exciting underwater journey with amazing marine life. There are plenty of places to dive, but the diving experience at Grand Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is second to none. You can immerse yourself in this new experience at a depth of less than 12 meters for 2 hours. Do not worry. You will always have a coach accompanying you inside the water for your safety.

So, here are the top outdoor activities in Dubai that you can take part in. Make a list of all the activities you want to take part in and fulfill your desires as soon as you reach Dubai!

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